Wolf Premium Spirits

Wolf Spiced Rum (70cl 40%)


Introducing Wolf Spiced Rum - Our newest creation where power meets smoothness. Inspired by the spirit of the wolf, every bottle encapsulates an enchanting blend of raw strength and exquisite refinement.

Our Wolf Spiced Rum is masterfully infused with an elegant ensemble of gentle vanilla undertones, sweet cherry whispers, and a creamy caramel finish that lingers like an unforgettable melody. Each sip unveils a layered complexity, a dance of flavors that delight the senses and pay tribute to the primal power of the wolf - strong, commanding, yet inherently charming.

Whether you savour it neat, on the rocks or the backbone of a craft cocktail, Wolf Spiced Rum's harmonious blend beckons the adventurous. Its depth of taste and aromatic intensity makes it perfect for those occasions when only the most expressive and evocative spirit will do.

With Wolf Spiced Rum you can find your spirit and discover your power.

Taste the wild and cherish the smooth!

Our rum is distilled in Belgium, but loved world wide. 

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